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Improve Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web

Welcome to the Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web idea-sharing space! For Goodnotes for Apple's platforms, please visit the Goodnotes for iOS/iPadOS/macOS forum.

Here’s how you can make your idea count:

  1. Please log in to the forum using your Facebook or Google account. This helps us keep the space free from spam.
  2. Before posting, do a quick search to see if someone else has already suggested your idea.
  3. Feel free to vote, comment, or post!
  • If your idea is already listed, you can save time by simply voting for it and/or commenting on it. Share your own use case to explain why and when you need the feature. If you find multiple similar posts, please vote or comment on just one of them.
  • If your idea isn’t listed yet, go ahead and submit your own. Use a descriptive title with 20 words or fewer and include the details in the description field. Please limit to one suggestion per post to make it easier for others to find, vote, and comment on your idea.
Please note that we do not offer technical support on this page. For that, please visit our help center.

We’re excited to hear your ideas!

Improve Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web



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