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    Hey everyone, in GoodNotes 5, we added the ability to set the scrolling direction to “vertical”:

    We’re using a framework for page handling that treats every page as a separate file. This allows things like:
    - export of a selection of pages
    - easy reordering of pages within a document
    - rotation of pages
    - adding images/photos as standalone pages
    - mixing multiple file types (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, GoodNotes) in a single document
    - etc.

    Since each page is an individual file, a truly infinite sheet is not feasible with the current framework.

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    Some Guy commented  · 

    If you don't mind me saying, this is more of a lack of coding creativity problem then a feasibility problem, I do software myself and I could easily think of several solutions, first and foremost it would be easiest to simply have a grid of pages (or files) that all look like one (continuous) page that are only superficial until the user writes inside of one of the grid sections then a file would be created for that grid space and if they draw outside that square then it would simply create more files on the spot. This certainly isn't the most optimal solution but it would be very easy to institute and given that over 1000 of your users have come to this page alone to request this, this seems simply unreasonable that this functionality haven't been added yet.